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The town of Kinderhook,  New York, nestled in the Berkshires 130 miles north of Manhattan, has been the home of the Altobelli Family Farm since 1956. Today members of the family’s third generation, John and Becky, run the farm with help from John’s father, who continues to manage sales in the business he passed on to his son.

Founded as an apple orchard in the middle of the last century, the farm diversified into vegetables about twenty-five years ago and now produces a virtual cornucopia of produce, including squash, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant and the family’s prized sweet corn. The relatively small size of the operation allows the family to be nimble and experiment with the varieties they grow, taking the best possible advantage of their sandy, loamy soil and finding the most suitable selection of crops to raise, resulting in produce of exceptional quality.

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