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Demand was high at the farmstand at the end of Theresa and Patrick's driveway in New Jersey, so they started out in the fall of 2012 making premium, all-natural ketchup available for purchase. Since then they've added Pure Strained Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes in a BPA-free can, and a line of three pasta sauces—Marinara, Arrabiata, and Mushroom Garlic— as well as seasonal Cranberry Sauce and pickle Relish.

In addition to buying their tomatoes from New Jersey's exceptional growers, they use the same high standards of transparency and safety for all of their ingredients. Spices are fair trade and organic when possible, the molasses and cane sugar fair trade and organic, the apple cider vinegar is from a family-run company, and their garlic is always sourced from California. Unlike many other brands, they use only trusted and fully traceable sources for their tomatoes— they use only non-GMO ingredients, and their products often contain half as much sugar and salt as other brands (if added at all).