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Kimmy's Krakkers

Kimmy's Krakkers are a crisp, healthy, and unique snack-cracker that can hold up to any dip. Even better— they're handmade in the Adirondacks using local and organic ingredients. Farmers Dan and Kimmy Rivera bring an old farm back to life in the Adirondacks. They built a wood-fired bread oven in their garage (now known as The Breadery) and sell their hand-made, wild fermented artisan breads at farmers’ markets, local stores and restaurants. 

While they have 2nd and 3rd generation bakers in their families, their journey into bread baking began with a desire for self-sufficiency and to bake bread at home. Their farm, Triple Green Jade Farm, is made up of 80 acres of southerly facing pastures with riverfront on the Boquet River. They have one of the first modern milking parlors to have been built in Essex County in their barn. 

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