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Maplebrook Farm produces handmade artisanal cheeses in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Now offering over twelve cheeses, Maplebrook Farm uses old world cheesemaking techniques to produce fresh quality products, with remarkable flavor and texture. rBGH & rBST-free, 100% Vermont Milk provides a distinguishable quality and unparalleled flavor.

Maplebrook Farm cheeses are made daily by skilled old-world cheese artisans. They make their own curd from the milk of cows that are rBGH free and that graze in the green mountains of Vermont. Their cheeses are made in small batches using all natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Johann Englert and Mike Scheps started this business in 2003 with 20 balls of mozzarella that Johann purchased from Mike. As their business got bigger, Maplebrook Farm developed an apprenticeship program to teach new employees the art of making perfect mozzarella. The program started with 3 local Vermonters and has grown to include 65 employees who are making small batches of cheese and wrapping them by hand every day of the week. From those first 20 mozzarella balls to the current 40,000 pounds of cheese produced weekly, Maplebrook Farm has established itself as a premier artisan cheese producer distributing products throughout the country.

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