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Markristo Farm

A certified organic farm located in Hillsdale, NY. Since 1988, Martin and Christa Stosiek have expanded the farm from a couple of acres to over 20 acres. They produce a diverse crop of vegetables, cut flowers, and bed plants. They are very well known for the exceptional quality of their salad mixes and greens. The Stosieks support the ideals of a local food system, and enjoy connecting with those who purchase their products. For them, farming is not just a job— it’s a way of life that is inextricably entwined with personal and family values. 

They are ever grateful to be "sowing these seeds," and the rewards are many fold. Markristo Farm is a founding member of the CRAFT internship program and enjoys training and working with 2 to 3 interns annually (since 1995). Markristo also has CSA offerings, participates in the Great Barrington, Massachusetts Farmers Market, and has been working with Field Goods since the beginning. We love the Markristo Farm! 

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