Family Farm Bag


From: Field Goods

Local Farm,

Double the servings of The Farm Bag, and you'll save $5!

Family Farm Bags serve 3+ people with 6-7 familiar fruits, veggies, and seasonal surprises from small farms. New, exciting, and seasonal items each week.



  • yellow onions: 1.00 lb
  • sugar snap peas: 1.00 lb
  • rainbow swiss chard: 2 bunches
  • garlic scapes: 1.25 lbs
  • strawberries: 2 pints
  • red and green lettuce: 2 heads


yellow onions

From: Dagele Brothers Farm Hub (Local Farm in Florida, NY)

If a recipe doesn’t specify, chances are it’s calling for one of these old faithfuls (also called brown onions). In fact, nearly 90 percent of all storage onions grown in the U.S. are yellow. They’re severe when raw but mellow when sautéed or roasted.

sugar snap peas

From: Eagle Road Farm (Family Farm in Quarryville, PA)

Sugar snap peas are a cross between snow peas and garden peas. Smaller, crunchier and more rounded, snap peas tend to be a little bit sweeter. The entire pod is edible when prepared like snow peas.

organic rainbow swiss chard

From: Flaim Farms (Family Farm in Vineland, NJ)

Chard -- sometimes called Swiss chard or rainbow chard (when it sports brightly colored stalks) -- really is a relative of the beet. But unlike traditional beets -- which put their energy into producing finger-staining roots.

garlic scapes

From: Holmquest Farm (Family Farm in Hudson, NY)

Garlic scapes are the stalks that grow from the bulbs of hardneck garlic plants. If left unharvested, the scapes eventually bloom flowers when the garlic plant fully matures.


From: Holmquest Farm (Family Farm in Hudson, NY)

Strawberries are bright red, juicy, and sweet.They’re an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese and also contain decent amounts of folate (vitamin B9) and potassium.

red and green lettuce

From: SAF Produce

Looseleaf lettuce is a ruffled dark red or deep green, and its leaves grow in big, loose heads. Both the red and green varieties are versatile and have a soft, yet crunchy texture. The green leaf lettuce is crisp and mild, while the red leaf has an earthier flavor.

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