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Home peak season pasta with scape pesto and goat cheese

peak season pasta with scape pesto and goat cheese

You have to make this peak season pasta using local Sfoglini sriracha pasta, fresh local tomatoes, basil, corn, and goat cheese! At least before the summer season has completely passed us by. 

Introducing our latest partnership with Radio Woodstock and Chef Ric Orlando, a two time winner of Chopped. Chef Ric will be sharing and cooking up his recipes on Facebook Live. Catch the latest video here! As Chef Ric says, "Cook clean, cook local, cook global, cook happy!"

Ingredients - pasta

8 oz Sfoglini Sriracha Fusilli
4 tbls sunflower oil or olive oil
2 cups corn kernels from 2 ears of corn, cut and roasted
3 long garlic scapes, cut into pea sized bits against the grain
small bunch of basil, parsley mint, or a mix
half a lemon, juiced
4 oz Hudson Harvest Tomato Basil Sauce
4 oz R&G Honey Goat Cheese
1 fresh tomato, diced small
salt to taste

Ingredients - garlic scape pesto

This works better in a blender than a food processor, because the scapes are quite fibrous. Puree this combination listed out below until it is a smooth pourable consistency. 

1/4 cup garlic scapes, cut into bits
1/2 cup basil, parsley mint or a mix
2 tbls sunflower or olive oil
1 tbls water
half a lemon, juiced
salt to taste

Recipe Instructions

Step 1:  Put on an ample amount of salted water for the to cook the pasta. Make the Garlic Scape pesto and set aside.
Step 2:  Drop the pasta into the boiling water and give it a stir. 
Step 3:  In a heavy skillet add 2 tablespoons sunflower oil.

Step 4: Add about 1/2 cup cut garlic scapes and the corn. Season lightly with salt. Saute for a minute or two until shiny.
Step 5: Add /12 cup Hudson Harvest tomato sauce and bring to a boil.
Step 6: Remove from heat and and the goat cheese in crumbles. Whisk until the cheese in fully incorporated into the sauce.
Step 7: When the pasta is perfectly ad dente, ladle an ounce of the cooking water into the sauce, then strain the pasta and add it to the pan of sauce.
Step 8: Return to heat and cook for an additional minute to coat the pasta well.
Step 9: Divide into two bowls. Garnish with fresh diced tomatoes, a generous drizzle of the Garlic Scape Pesto and a little more R&G Honey Goat Cheese. YUM YUM!!!

The recipe listed out above are courtesy of Ric Orlando on RadioWoodstock