Green Leaf Lettuce 1 head


From: Dagele Brothers Farm

Local Farm,

Lettuce tell you what the deal is… Nutritionists and dietitians rank leafy greens as the easiest way to bulk up your vitamin intake. Vitamins including A, C, and K practically radiate from these fronds! This leafy green veggie helps fight inflammation and other related diseases like diabetes and cancer.

This leafy green is a sure-to-please addition to your dinner. Grab a dressing from our store and you're good to go!

The Very Best Dressing for Green Salad

6 cups mixed lettuce, washed and spun dry
sherry vinegar or alternative as suggested in headnote
pinch sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
extra-virgin olive oil

Place the lettuce in large mixing bowl. With freshly washed hands, toss the lettuce gently as you drizzle in some of the vinegar. Toss well, add a pinch of salt and taste. Add the black pepper to taste. While tossing with one hand, add a very small amount of the olive oil. It is easy to overdo it here, so hold back. Then toss and taste. 

Recipe and image from Lynne Curry