Sugar Hill Farm Heritage Pork Chops Case of 5 2-Packs

$51.50 $57.50

From: Sugar Hill Farm

Grassfed & Pastured, Local Farm,

Case of 5 2-packs (1lbs) of pork chops. 

Sugar Hill Farm in Pine Plains, NY raises heritage breed Berkshire / Mangalitsa cross pigs, which gives the pork an exceptional flavor profile.  

Beautiful cuts of pork that are perfect for tossing on the grill or pan-searing and finishing with a wine sauce. 

The pigs are free to roam on pasture and their pastured diet is supplemented with locally raised non-gmo feed, milled on the farm. Sugar Hill Farm doesn't use hormones or antibiotics and the pastures are pesticide-free.

All pigs are processed at Hilltown Pork in Canaan, NY. The USDA-certified facility is third-party audited and approved as a NOFA-NY Organic Processor and for AWA Humane Handling.