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Sfoglini Pasta

Sfoglini was born from the vision of former creative director Scott Ketchum and Chef Steve Gonzalez, who has been a part of some of the most formidable pasta programs in NYC including Insieme, Hearth, Roberta’s, and Frankies Sputino. For years the two talked about bringing a superior, locally produced pasta to NYC. Their vision became a reality in July 2012 when they opened their doors in Brooklyn.

Since then, Sfoglini’s success led them to outgrow Brooklyn and move to Coxsackie, NY. Today their offerings include sixteen organic durum semolina pastas plus a series of NY State grain pastas made with organic whole-grain, rye, emmer, einkorn and spelt flours. In addition to their signature pastas, Sfoglini also produces a line of seasonal pastas made with fresh, local ingredients from NYC green markets and local farms.