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Stony Brook wholesome roasted seed-snacks are roasted fresh each week, with just a few simple ingredients like sea salt or maple syrup. They have a toasty flavor and satisfying crunch. Pepitas are made from two varieties: hulless heirloom pumpkin seed and butternut squash. These can be enjoyed right out of the bag or as an addition to salads, yogurts, trail mix or roasted vegetables. Seeds are a good source of protein and fiber, are keto-friendly, and a great alternative for those looking for nut-free and gluten-free snacks.

Each Stony Brook oil has only one ingredient: locally-grown seeds that are freshly milled each week in Geneva, NY. The oils are unrefined, lightly filtered, and expeller-pressed without added heat or chemical solvents. Seed oil varieties include pumpkin seed, flax seed, organic sunflower, and butternut squash seed. Each oil varies in color and flavor, from mild and savory, with rich and nutty flavors. The oils are a flavorful complement to salads, vegetable dishes, pasta, or rice. They can be used in place of olive oil, butter and vegetable oil in most dishes. Butternut squash and sunflower oils are the most versatile in cooking, since they have a higher smoke-point.