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Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company nurtures its land and animals, and embraces a spirit of community in order to produce and provide fresh, quality, artisanal cheese, crackers, and local products to all. Through a marriage of old world recipes and innovative and playful partnerships within their local food and beverage community, they are creating an entirely new generation of award winning artisanal cheeses. 

Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company began as a community effort to preserve an 18-acre dairy farm in South Woodstock, VT in 2009. Passionate residents raised money to purchase the land, buildings, and equipment in hopes that it would remain a dairy farm. With the generous contributions and tireless efforts of an entire community, their dream was realized and Vermont Farmstead became the first community-owned artisan cheese and dairy facility in the state. In June 2011, they produced their first cheese, and five months later, after refining their product, they brought it to the public.