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West Meadow’s mission is to make fantastic food and deliver community education by treating their animals, plants, and soils with the reverence Nature demands. At West Meadow Farm they have a herd of 150 milking Jersey cows. They live and roam freely between fresh luscious pasture and a comfy compost bedded pack. They share the farm with their Black Angus beef herd, and they will soon welcome their milking goats and pigs.

They’re busy making exquisite cheeses with their lush Jersey milk, with the high butter fat content the breed is known for. Using this high quality milk allows them to make sharp and flavored cheddars, artisanal goat cheese, and cheese curds, plain and multiple flavors. All their cheese is made at their creamery in Johnstown, NY. They plan on using their state-of-the-art equipment to add yogurt, drinkable yogurt, ice cream and butter products soon. They’re really looking forward to a special focus on artisanal hand crafted cheeses full of flavor and nutrition.

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