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Home whipped butternut squash

whipped butternut squash

Curated Farm Bags include the main ingredients in this recipe!

Sweet, savory, and simple! A staple side dish for Thanksgiving and other hearty winter meals. This recipe is whipped to perfection. 



1 butternut squash
3/4 cup of butter, divided and melted
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
salt & pepper to taste
1/4 cup light cream

Recipe Instructions

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350°F.
Step 2: Cut butternut squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.
Step 3: Lightly brush the squash with melted butter (reserve the rest for mashing). Sprinkle with spices and brown sugar if using.
Step 4: Place on a baking sheet cut side up and bake 1 hour or until very tender.
Step 5: Scoop out the flesh and place in a large bowl.
Step 6: With a hand masher or an electric mixer on low, mix until smooth. Pour in the cream and melted butter to taste. Season with salt & pepper and serve.

The recipe and image are courtesy of Spend With Pennies
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