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Katie Bogdanffy, owner of Yellow Bell Farm, is a 3rd generation poultry farmer. She grew up with a hands on appreciation for farming, chickens, and feeding her community. Today she continues this tradition on her own farm. At Yellow Bell Farm, the farmers specialize in producing fresh, hand raised and hand processed chicken, pastured brown eggs and pastured heirloom eggs.

Providing a fresh, healthy, local protein for customers is the mission of Yellow Bell Farm. Their chicken and eggs are of the highest quality, flavorful and fresh. They are a 100% antibiotic free farm.

Every step of the way the chickens are handled with care. Their chickens are slaughtered on farm (eliminating the travel stress of being transported to a slaughterhouse). They ensure that their chickens are handled humanely and properly. These factors yield a premium quality chicken.

Their feed is milled locally, using locally grown grains. This helps local farms and local economy to thrive and creates a low carbon footprint. They rotationally graze our chickens on pasture and seed the fields with Rye and other forage. The rotational grazing and plantings nourish the soil and chickens. All parts of their chickens are used, the feet and bones go into our rich Chicken Bone Broth. They re-use their returned paper pulp egg cartons and their chicken is not packed in wasteful styrofoam trays or excessive packaging.