COVID updates & protocol

The health and safety of our customers, coworkers, and partners is of the utmost importance. Know that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis. We were tracking its development in other countries, before it directly impacted the United States.

We reviewed our sanitation practices and, though we were very confident in our existing processes, we chose to enhance them. As of now we have tripled our sanitation stations, increased signage and instructions for all employees to sanitize regularly, implemented protocol for employee distancing and for bags to be rotated out per current research, plus the scheduled sanitation of surfaces two additional times per workday. This last item involves our vehicles, packaging, tables, hardware, furnishings, so on and so forth. We are following CDC and expert suggestions, and will continue to keep a close eye on research as it is published.

A big thing to note here is that we, unlike so many other larger businesses and supermarkets, know who produces our food every week. Thank you for your trust, and for your commitment to our farmers and food entrepreneurs. It’s times like these where supporting local is even more important, because we know exactly where our food comes from.

We are deemed an essential business, and we will do everything we can to continue bringing you farm fresh foods.

Stay safe, be kind, support one another, and act responsibly.

The Field Goods Team