What happened to delivering to Community Pick-Up Sites?

Deliveries to Community Pick-Up sites are on pause until they are able to safely reopen again! For now, Field Goods Home Delivery is our solution to meeting the needs of our community.

We are very grateful for what we’ve been able to do with our Community Pick-Up Sites these last nine years, and we look forward to working with our Community Pick-Up sites once again in the future. Stay safe and reach out to our team if you have any questions!

What does Field Goods offer for home delivery?

We offer a range of local farm fresh produce, pantry staples, meat, dairy frozen, bulk items, eggs, healthy snacks, and more. The same favorites that Field Goods has always offered!

The idea is that you can now stock up on everything you need without having to leave your home. Healthy, organic, local, and fresh. You can continue to support small local farmers and producers during a time when many aren't able to sell directly. 

Where is Field Goods currently delivering to?

Account Users:
We are delivering to towns and cities throughout New York State, and have just begun to deliver to a few buildings in New York City. You can find those details by visiting our Zip Code Directory page.

What is Field Goods doing to ensure the safety of customers during Covid-19?

The health and safety of our customers, coworkers, and partners is of the utmost importance to Field Goods. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis for months, by tracking its development in other countries before it directly impacted the United States.

As a result, we chose to be proactive early on, and enhanced our sanitation practices in mid-February. As of now, we have tripled our sanitation stations, increased signage and instructions for all employees to sanitize regularly, along with the consistent sanitation of all surfaces throughout the day.

We are using new paper bags for every order, and our drivers are sanitizing the bags before they are delivered to your home. In addition to our contactless home deliveries, our drivers are also wearing gloves and following regular sanitation practices.

A big thing to note here is that we, unlike so many other larger businesses and supermarkets, know who and where our food is coming from each week. As a small business we know who is packing your food every week, and we know who is delivering your food every week. Our entire process is safe, small, and committed to the health of our community.

We are deemed an essential business, and we will do everything we can to continue bringing you farm fresh foods.


How do I sign up?

To create an account please click the Account Icon at the top right corner of our website. Then click the register button under the “Create Account” section to fill out your account details. At this time all that is required is your email and address. Payment details will be added once you are ready to check out.

If you are an existing Field Goods customer, you will need to create a new account. Your previous Field Goods account is not connected to your home delivery account.

How do I access or modify my account?

Once you have created an account for home delivery, you are then able to edit or modify the address or email associated with the account by logging in.

You are not able to modify orders once they have been placed. But you will be able to review all past orders after you’ve logged in.


How do I place an order?

Before you start to shop, please be sure to see that we are currently delivering to your area! You can do that by entering your zip code on our homepage.

If we are delivering to your zip code than ordering is easy. Browse our shop, add the items you want, and check out! * *You will not be able to view, edit, or checkout with your items until you have added the order minimum of $50.00 to your cart.

What if I place more than one order for the week?

All orders that are placed before your order deadline will arrive together in one delivery. If you do place an additional order, and are charged for a second delivery fee, please reach out to our team at info@field-goods.com so that we can adjust your delivery fee correctly.


Once my order is placed, how can I see what I ordered?

Account Users:
If you have created an account, you can then view all orders placed by logging into your account. Make sure to click on the Account Icon in the right-hand corner to view your account details.

There you will find a history of all orders associated with that account.

Guest Users:
If you checked out as a guest, then you will not be able to view your orders on the website. Instead an email has been sent with your order details.

Checking out as a guest means that you did not sign up for an account, or you did not login to your account when you placed your order.

What is the order minimum and is there a delivery fee?

We’ve lowered order minimums and delivery fees. Starting with a $50 order minimum and a delivery fee of $9.95. Our tiered system also includes free delivery or a smaller delivery fee for larger orders.


    • $50-$75 Order: $9.95 Delivery Fee
    • $75-$100 Order: $7.95 Delivery Fee
    • $100+ Order: Free Local Delivery


      • $50-$75 Order: $12.95 Delivery Fee
      • $75-$100 Order: $10.95 Delivery Fee
      • $100+ Order: $8.95 Delivery Fee


        • $50-$75 Order: $9.95 Delivery Fee
        • $75-$100 Order: $7.95 Delivery Fee
        • $100+ Order: $6.95 Delivery Fee


      When is my order deadline?

      You must have your order placed 48 hours before your delivery day. 

      • Tuesday delivery = Saturday 11:59 pm
      • Wednesday delivery = Sunday 11:59 pm
      • Thursday delivery = Monday 11:59 pm
      • Friday delivery = Tuesday 11:59 pm
      • Saturday delivery = Wednesday 11:59pm
      Can I add to my order after I have checked out?

      All orders are finalized at checkout and cannot be modified later. Please be sure you are finished shopping before proceeding to check out.

      Will items be reserved after I’ve added them to my cart?

      No! You must check out with all your items. Once you’ve checked out, we will then update you if any items are out of stock, or if anything will be removed from your delivery order due to availability or quality. By working with small sustainable farms, we are dependent on mother nature as much as they are so we will update you if anything should change.

      Is there a weekly subscription? Will it automatically be applied every week?

      This is currently not available. For now, you will have to re-order any items you’d like to receive each week. We are working hard to include automatic subscriptions in the future, and will notify you once that has been established.

      What is your return/refund policy?

      We do not accept returns of any kind. Please keep, use, and enjoy the items for your upcoming meals! If you had a specific issue with your order and want a refund for an item please reach out to info@field-goods.com.

      We appreciate your patience as we navigate home delivery. Thank you!

      What payment methods are you accepting?

      We accept all major credit or debit cards. If you have a problem with payment please reach out to info@field-goods.com.


      Why do you have a delivery fee?

      The delivery fee exists to accommodate for the significant increase in our costs due to Covid-19. The delivery fee benefits our employees at a time where their work days are longer and more extreme due to increased sanitation protocol, cleanup, and prolonged safety measures. As essential workers, the health and safety of our employees is at risk every day as they continue to work to deliver your food.


      How to use?

      If you have a coupon or gift card please be sure to enter it at checkout before placing your order.

      How to redeem?

      Promo codes can be applied on the checkout page. Those details should be entered in the Gift card or discount code box before you fill out your shipping details.

      How does the Referral Program work?

      Our Referral Program is sweet and simple to use with all the perks. Create your own Referral Link, share that link with your community, and get $20 Off when a friend uses your link for their first home delivery purchase. They will get $20 Off and so will you! 

      Why am I not getting $20 Off?

      You and a friend will receive $20 Off when your Referral Link is used for a person's first time purchase with home delivery. This is not applicable if you are already a customer with home delivery. This program is a great way for friends and family to try home delivery for the first time! 


      How can I cancel my order?

      You can cancel your order any time before the order deadline at no cost. If you wish to cancel after the order deadline there is a 50% restocking fee that will be deducted from your refund. Orders cannot be canceled on the day of delivery.

      Will I be notified if an item is out of stock before my delivery?

      Yes, you will be notified by email before your delivery day with a refund issued for any items that are out of stock. Please allow for two to three business days for the refund to process.

      I have a problem with my order, what do I do?

      If you have a problem with your order please reach out to our team by emailing info@field-goods.com. We will happily assist you in correcting your order or issuing you a refund if need be.


      When will my order be delivered?

      Orders will be delivered on your scheduled delivery day between 9 am and 7 pm. We are currently working to fine tune this process, and we thank you for your patience!

      If you would like to receive a notification from your driver when they have arrived with your order, please be sure to include those details in the Delivery Instructions Box when you are reviewing your cart before moving on to the check out page.

      What happens if items from my order are missing?

      If items are missing please notify our team by emailing info@field-goods.com.

      To safely drop off orders, our drives are placing all bags on the steps or front porch of the delivery address associated with the order. All deliveries are contactless.

      Please be sure to include any additional delivery details in the Delivery Instructions box when placing your order. This helps you and our team to safely bring you farm fresh foods. We cannot refund or credit any orders that were confirmed as delivered.

      Will the driver notify me once my order has been delivered?

      If you have specific instructions or would like to be notified once your order has been delivered, please include those details in the Delivery Instructions box at the bottom of your cart before clicking the Check Out button.

      Can I have special delivery instructions for my home delivery?

      Yes! Please leave any special delivery instructions in the Delivery Instructions box that can be found at the bottom of your cart page before clicking the Check Out button.

      How can I tip my driver?

      Thank you for thinking of our drivers right now! Most of our drivers do not have digital banking, so they are not able to accept contactless tipping at this time. 

      You can thank our drivers with a wave through your window, or a thank you yelled out your door. But we ask that you adhere to social distancing standards by remaining six feet apart at all times. 

      How long will my products stay fresh or frozen?

      Our frozen and our fresh items are packaged separately to maintain freshness.

      If you will not be able to retrieve your order for a longer period of time, we highly suggest leaving a cooler outside your home for our drivers to deposit your order in. We will do our best to meet your needs, but are not responsible for your order once it has been delivered.

      Are you recycling bags, ice packs, etc. or do I throw them out?

      We have currently switched to using paper bags instead of our iconic colorful bags. The paper bags come with handles, are more sustainable and safe at a time when we are not able to collect and reuse our plastic bags.

      We are working on an update for when we can retrieve our plastic bags, and will let you know once we have launched it!