field goods wellness

our goal:
To make wellness a priority via access to healthy, fresh, and local food. 

healthy, fresh, and local food

We provide access to healthy, fresh, and local food all year long thanks to our local farm partners. Field Goods works with over 100 small farms in the northeast that care about the quality of their products and food. It's all about the details!

delivered to you!

Can't make it to the farmers market? No worries! Local food is super accessible with Field Goods. We'll deliver weekly to you or a public site near you. Have specific instructions? Leave those in our delivery details box before you check out. 

proven by our wellness study

In 2018, the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition published a diet study that found after just three months, about 40% of Field Goods customers reported eating healthier and more produce than before they started ordering.

wellness challenges

Our wellness challenges offer a chance for you to get moving and eating well. While earning points! Be on the lookout for new challenges. 

March Challenge 2021
February Challenge 2021
January Challenge 2021
January Challenge 2021

wellness for business

We work with hundreds of businesses. From big to small, we do it all!

"We have tried dozens of wellness programs and none have come close to the popularity and impact of Field Goods, particularly on our culture. We actually have people talking excitedly about vegetables." Carol Gordon, Director of Benefits at FujiFilm

bring beetcamp to your work!

Employers select how much they contribute to employees' weekly purchase from Field Goods. They also choose how long the program will be offered, and what products are eligible for a discount.

become a pick-up site

No cost, no fuss, and easy to begin. Employees can order a variety of seasonal produce, select a Curated Farm Bag, or add on local items as they wish. We will deliver safely to your office weekly!

our nutrition experts

We've teamed up with local, professional Nutritionists and Dietitians!

Keize Nutrition Keys

Lilly Latchman

Lilly is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist (CDCES). She has spent most of her career educating individuals on diabetes management, cardiovascular diseases, weight management, renal disease, disease prevention, and how people can live healthfully.


The Sassy Dietitian

Laura "Sassy" Ligos

Laura saw a need for brutal honesty, passion, & love of preventative nutrition in the world. She works one on one with clients to help them improve their relationship with food & their diet. She provides customized meal plans for individuals to help ease the process of getting healthy food on the table. Sassy works with gyms too.


ready for wellness?

Reach out to our team to get started!