StockUp with Field Goods

We do not have the words to explain how crucial your support is at this time for our local farmers and producers. Many are unable to sell directly, and their partnership with Field Goods' StockUp Home Delivery is extremely beneficial. Thank you for being patient with us, and for supporting small businesses! 



We offer hundreds of farm fresh and local goods from our small farm partners and producers. Field Goods has been delivering local food to Community Pick-Up Sites since 2011, and launched StockUp Home Delivery in response to COVID-19. 



$99 Order Minimum. You will not be able to check until you have reached this order minimum.

We are having to purchase more and more sanitation products, masks and gloves, along with adhering to social distancing, which has slowed down packing and increased the cost of each order.



Orders must be made 48 hours ahead of your Delivery Day. This will give our team enough time to fulfill your orders safely and accurately. 

Order Deadline Calendar:

  • Tuesday delivery = Saturday 11:59 pm
  • Wednesday delivery = Sunday 11:59 pm
  • Thursday delivery = Monday 11:59 pm
  • Friday delivery = Tuesday 11:59 pm
  • Saturday delivery = Wednesday 11:59 pm



There is a $9.99 Delivery Fee added to every order (in select areas) to accommodate for the significant increase in our costs. These costs are due to employee overtime, sanitation requirements, and capacity constraints because of social distancing. 

The surcharge benefits our employees at a time where their work days are longer and more extreme due to increased sanitation protocol. As essential workers, the health and safety of our employees is at risk every day as they work to deliver your food. The surcharge appropriately covers and compensates our employees for their hard work, and for the cost of sanitation supplies during this crisis.