I was inspired to create this program after a Valhalla High School student, Magnolia Saalman, came to us with the idea to create a marketplace where her community could have easy access to local farmers' products. She actually referred to the idea as a Virtual Farmers Market. We worked with her to create Magnolia's Marketplace to sell Field Goods products to families.

Here is a link to website created by Maggie and her friends for their Market.

The program simply requires students to organize a weekly pickup location with volunteers and promote their endeavor. There is no financial investment. People order and pay through the Field Goods website and pick up at a location they choose at check-out.  I see Our Farmers Market as a way kids can develop their interest in business, healthy food and a healthy environment, as well as fulfill community service requirements safely.

As the mother of a high school student, I know how important it is for kids to learn business skills, bring value to their communities and, now, limit social interaction. Our Farmers Market makes it easy for kids to help community members enjoy access to fresh, healthy food and appreciate the importance of supporting local agriculture.

Activities for Students

  • Create a website
  • Create flyers and other marketing materials
  • Develop a promotional strategy
  • Recruiting kids to staff pickup and manage schedule
  • Develop a safety protocol
  • Acquire permission for a pickup location
  • Create video and photos for social media promotion

I 'd appreciate your thoughts on this program.

Would have a minute to give your your feedback on this form.

Thanks for your time. Stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards,

Donna Williams, Founder of Field Goods