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About: There are many different varieties of raspberries. The most common are red raspberries and black raspberries, also known as black caps, which often grow wild. Other varieties include purple, golden and yellow raspberries.
Nutrition Facts:

Raspberries rank near the top of all fruits for antioxidant strength. They are a very good source of Dietary Fiber (1 cup as 32% DV), Vitamin C and Manganese.


Raspberries mold quickly when left at room temperature, so eat them fast or keep them in the fridge where they will last about 3 days. Do not wash until ready to use! If they are about to go bad, freeze them—just wash, remove as much water as possible, then put them in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible.


Unripe berries will not ripen once picked.

Quick Fix:

Open mouth and insert! Add to yogurt and ice cream.