the return of the returnables

We have reinstated our returnable bags and packaging! Since 2011, we have asked our customers to return their bags, cooler bags, and ice packs, which our drivers pick up at the next delivery. This program has saved thousands of bags from landing in landfills and is one our services we are the most proud of. During the heart of the pandemic we put this on hold until there was more information about the virus’ transmission.

All our returned packing is quarantined for at least 2 weeks and cleaned before reuse. Frankly, we have 1000+ bags that have been patiently waiting to get back to work for over 3 months.

how to return:

If you receive a home delivery, simply leave your bags in the spot where you want our driver to leave your order. For customers at pickup sites, leave your returns at the same location you pick up your orders.

reduce. RETURN. reuse. recycle!