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Zucchini Flowers


Seldom seen in American grocery stores, zucchini flowers make a generous appearance in many countries, especially Italy, where they are often stuffed and deep-fried. In Mexico, zucchini flowers are called flores de calabaza and can be found in everything from soups to quesadillas! To prepare, gently rinse, open the petals, shake out the pollen and remove the pistil. These babies are easy to stuff–think cheese, mushrooms and peppers. Zucchini flowers can also be eaten raw and thrown in salads for a beautiful, healthy garnish. Still not sure where to start? Check out ideas and recipes below.


Refrigerate tightly sealed in a plastic bag.


To prepare, gently rinse, open petals gently, shake out pollen and remove pistil. Use as soon as possible.

Quick Fix:

Throw in a light summer salad. Would taste great in a Shaved Zucchini Salad.