Butcher's Selection


From: Hudson Harvest

Local Farm, Pastured & Grassfed,


Butcher's Selections contain about 8 pounds of 6 different items (ground, chops/steaks, hot dogs/sausages). Scroll down to see what's new. We keep things exciting and fun with new items each week. The meat is pastured and grass-fed from local farms, hand-selected by our butcher at Hudson Harvest. All uncured meat is frozen.

We made it easier to order Curated Farm Bags regularly with My Picks. Ordering them consistently helps establish healthy eating, which is a good habit for your health and for sustainable farms. Adding them to your picks is a happy reminder of your taste for seasonal food. 


  • Pork Tenderloin from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package
  • Chicken Breast from Goffle Poultry Road Farm: 1 package over 1 pound
  • Sweet Italian Sausage from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package of 4
  • Ground Beef from Sir William Angus Farm: 2 one-pound packages
  • Bone-in Pork Chops from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package of two
  • Breakfast Sausage from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package