Butcher's Selection


From: Hudson Harvest

Local Farm, Pastured & Grassfed,

Butcher's Selections contain about 8 pounds of 6 different items (ground, chops/steaks, hot dogs/sausages). We keep things exciting and fun with new items each week. The meat is pastured and grass-fed from local farms, hand-selected by our butcher at Hudson Harvest. All uncured meat is frozen. 

    • Sirloin Tip Steak from Sir William Angus Farm: 1 package over 1.50 lbs
    • Chicken Breast from Goffle Poultry Road Farm: 1 package over 1.00 lb
    • Sweet Italian Sausage from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package of 4
    • Ground Beef from Sir William Angus Farm: 2 one-pound packages
    • Bone-in Pork Chops from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package of two
    • Breakfast Sausage from Sugar Hill Farm: 1 package

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