Organic Red Russian Kale 1 bunch


From: Markristo Farm

Certified Organic, Local Farm,

Red Russian Kale is the hardiest of kale, a Siberian variety that laughs at cold weather and flooding. Its sweet flavor is tasty in salads, but holds up in soups and stews (blanch first).  Kale is very high in vitamin C and calcium.

Kale is very high in vitamin C and calcium. Many believe kale is the most nutritious food in the world. Perhaps the saying about apples should be changed to “A cup ‘o kale a day keeps the doctor away.” There are many varieties of kale. They are generally classified by leaf type – curly, plain, rape and so on. Kale is a hardy vegetable! It grows well into the winter and is eaten all over Europe. In Germany, there are kale festivals and in Ireland, kale is used to make the traditional dish Colcannon.