Organic Cream Top A2 Whole Milk 1/2 Gallon

$6.39 $6.89

From: Family Farmstead Dairy

Certified Organic, Local Farm, Pastured & Grassfed,

This certified organic A2-protein cream top milk is delicious. The hint of golden color speaks of its premium quality. This milk is minimally processed to keep the milk at its most natural state for the most nutrition possible. At Family Farmstead Dairy the cows are 100% grass-fed humanely raised their milk is Kosher certified.

What is A2 you ask? Milk has several types of proteins, and one of those proteins is Beta Casein. There are two main variants of Beta Casein A1 and A2. The variant is determined by the genetics of the cow. A1 is the most common variant today, and is found in virtually all milk on store shelves today. A2 is less common, and sources of A2 only milk can be hard to find. Originally all cows milk contained only A2 protein, its believed that a genetic mutation occurred that resulted in A1 protein.