Smoked North American Atlantic Salmon Fillets 4oz

$7.95 $9.95

From: Ideal Fish Great American Aquaculture LLC

Wood roasted Atlantic salmon: hot smoked, fully cooked, vacuum-packed, and ready to eat (6oz (approximately).

Ideal Fish is the first company in the USA to smoked Atlantic Salmon raised in a highly sustainable, land-based facility using a state of the art Recirculating Aquaculture System. They use traditional European smoking methods carried out by their Master Smoker who has been smoking fish for over 30 years. Their aims is to smoke their salmon in small batches. In addition to the fish, all ingredients are locally sourced. They smoke with applewoods from local orchards and oak barrels used at a local distillery. This fish was raised with all-natural feed. Ideal Fish Salmon is free of Hormones, free of Antibiotics, and free of any artificial Ingredients. Salmon is also Kosher certified by the OU.